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Black/Green Casual Play Relentless Rats Decklist

So I thought I'd share this deck with everyone. I've had this deck for a while and have been using it in casual one-on-one and casual multiplayer. It's never lost a game.

28x Relentless Rats

4x Thrumming Stone

1x Rites of Flourishing

1x Overwhelming Stampede
2x Doubling Chant
2x Overrun
3x Diabolic Tutor

3x Harrow

1x Verdant Catacombs
4x Swarmyard
9x Forest
11x Swamp

Suggestions for improvement are welcomed! I was talking to this guy at my local card store's Dark Ascension pre-release event and I was telling him about this deck. He said he had a friend who ran with a similar deck in their casual play. The guy I was talking with said he had tried lots of ways to counter his friend's deck, but was only able to come up with a deck that used Sever the Bloodline as it's win condition that worked. I think I'm intrigued and will trying to figure out a counter for my deck that my boyfriend can use against this deck with our one-on-one plays.
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Did I read that right --- 28 Relentless Rats??
Yep. Get enough of them on the field and they get pretty big.
Pretty cool that Thrumming Stone stacks. How does Rites of flourishing perform? Have you considered Door of Destinies (I'm sure there are tons of other cards that would perform similarly)?
There's been a couple of times that I've been able to get Rites of Flourishing out and it seems to help greatly. I really like the idea of Door of Destinies. I'm not sure if I have any, but they shouldn't be that hard for me to find.
Thrumming Rats XD It's been years since I've seen this deck.

I'd recommend cutting it down to 60 cards. There's no real reason to have more than that, particularly when most of the extras are just more rats. I've never played the deck, but I've heard that 20 or so Rats is plenty. Sure, winning with an army of 14/14 creatures is fun times, but six 7/7s can usually get the job done just as well.

I'd run Kodama's Reach or Cultivate over the Harrows. They thin your deck for the same amount, but a single Reach can get you from three mana to the five you need for Thrumming Stone.

I'd don't like having zero removal in my decks, particularly black ones. It seems like you run Diabolic Tutor to fetch up Stone or a trample-enabler, so how about switching the Tutors to Brainspoil? You can still use it to find Stones and Stampede, but also kill things if need be. You could also add an Acidic Slime or three. You would be able to tutor it up with Brainspoil, and it's a nice catch-all against Moat/Propaganda effects and troublesome lands.

It seems like you would want some way to deal with mass removal. If you go off and then the board gets wiped, you could use Footbottom Feast or Gravepurge to bounce right back. You can also cast it with zero targets to just draw a card, so it never sits dead in your hand.
Yeah, I was going to say that I don't know why you haven't lost to a deck that plays mass removal (especially counter/mass removal) - unless it just so happens nobody you play with runs mass removal. A well-placed counterbore could ruin your day, too.
For that matter, some basic artifact removal.

In other words, the people you play with suck at Magic. :)