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Just joined this community... was wondering what color/land/mana combinations do you guys like the best in a deck? Obviously it depends on what your strategy is during a particular match, but overall what colors best suit you, and why? I like to hear other's opinions! Thanks.
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I tend to prefer the Bant colors myself. Especially partial to white.

I like creature-based strategies overall (which makes me lean G/W right off the bat) and I like the WW/utility creature strategy over huge bombs - although I also like huge bombs. And I like the flavor of white best.

If I want to complement creature-based strategies, blue tends to be my favored choice. It's probably my second-favorite flavor-wise, is probably what it ultimately comes down to.
I think the best deck I had was blue/red: blue mainly for counterspells, red for direct damage and maybe creatures.
I'm a big fan of the Izzet colours, R/B. I have a lot of green mono decks, too.
Dmir - aggro control before it was called as much. Have blue-black faeries for modern.
I enjoy Boros colors R/W. White has always been my favorite and it is nice to splash it with something