Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch (asmor) wrote in mtg,
Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch

Just got back from the midnight Zendikar prerelease at Pandemonium in Cambridge, MA.

I made a landfall deck with what I could trade for or otherwise acquire. It seems pretty decent from some quick tests, even haphazard as it is.

Lands (26)
1x Island
8x Forest
5x Mountain
2x Gruul Turf (returns teetering peaks for replay! yay!)
1x Kazandu Refuge (all I could get :/)
3x Teetering Peaks (these can be nasty with plated geopedes)
4x Terramorphic Expanse (would replace with wooded foothills if I had them)
2x Turntimber Grove (may replace with forests... not sure about them)

Creatures (19)
3x Goblin Bushwhacker (seems like a solid 1 or 2 drop, potentially fun when you harrow a couple mountains up and create a bunch of beasts with the baloths...)
4x Grazing Gladeheart (this guy's not too flashy, but I think he's solid)
3x Mold Shambler (this dude saved my ass multiple times, killing luminarch ascensions, journeys to nowhere, and nasty planeswalkers. Not sure he's constructed-worthy, but I want to give him a try)
4x Plated Geopede (this guy can be really, really nasty. Second turn geopede, third turn land/harrow = swing with 7/7 first striker).
3x Rampaging Baloths (failed to acquire a 4th... d'oh!)
2x Windrider Eel (Definitely need to make this a four-of when I get two more...)

Other spells (15)
4x Harrow (always a solid spell, insane with landfall...)
1x Khalani Gem (all I could get, seems solid)
4x Khalani Heart Expedition (Do I really need to explain this?)
2x Mulch (Just testing this out... Not sure if whether I'll keep these or not)
4x Zektar Shrine Expedition (2 mana, 7 damage)

This can lead to some crazy stuff, like a land+harrow triggering a khalani heart expedition and a zektar shrine expedition, then attacking with your 11/11 first striking geopede and your 7/1 hasty trampling elemental.

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    blue spells- red spells- 4 counterspell 4 lightning bolt 4 counterflux 4 chain lightning 4 hinder 4 incinerate 3 dissipate 4 rift bolt…

  • both spells resolve

    what happens if you counterflux a creature brought out with cavern of souls?

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